I would like to take the opportunity to publicly thank those people that over the years have helped and encouraged me in collating the details of so many Great War men and women from Sheffield, in no specific order -

Diane Gasgoyne (for letting me copy her Walkley work)
Hugh Waterhouse (images of headstones sent)
Marlene Collis (for the kind words and encouragement)
Angela Treweek (for helping me with look-ups)
Peter Bayliss (always willing to pitch in)
David Timmins (for lots of things)
Frank Wood (for driving me around France and Belgium)
Michael Gardener ( Fantastic source of images)
Pat Clark (Local Studies, for letting me copy her work)
Albert T Smith (Albert has sadly passed away, but Albert helped me in a way that saved me hundreds of pounds that the project would have cost me, cheers again Albert)
Caroline Matthews (Madannie) for transcribing over 6000 records of Sheffield men on the Soldiers died in the Great War Database.

And last but by no means least, my partner Donna, for all the typing, walking around cemeteries, the money, the time spent on the PC etc etc, without you there would be nothing.

apologies if i have forgotten anyone,
but to all of you, many many thanks.



















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