Jane Mellville


Information and photos from Reg Tinney


During the 1914/1918 war my aunt, Jane Melville was a sister (or possibly a matron) at Warncliffe. (she later married an Andrews and emigrated to South Africa) I have two photos of her, one at the centre of a group of doctors and another (dated December 1925) of her with three other nursing staff and a dog leading a lot of soldiers on a large field.

Jane's sister was my mother, Deborah Anne Melville and she was a nurse at the Royal Hospital for the Incurables in Donnybrook, Dublin during the first world war. Both of them were born in Ireland, my mother in Belfast on 22nd August 1894.


Rear of photo states Wharncliffe Hospital Sheffield

Jane Melville in the centre

December 1925, Jane Melville 2nd from the right












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