Noel Helliwell


Private 37590 7th York & Lancs. Admitted to Wharncliffe early 1918 after being wounded in late 1917.

Test from his grandson Robert Helliwell

Grandad was Noel John Richardson Helliwell. He was born at EdgeMount, Bradfield 24.12.1896. I was told that he was injured in action in 1916, but don't know just when, but a series of old cards show that he was in hospital in London for a while before being moved to Wharncliffe. During WWI Noel's parents had moved to Underhill Farm at Wadsley Bridge, now hidden behind the industrial estate. That is not that far across the river from Wharncliffe Hospital, and story goes that when he was feeling better he would shin across the river on the big water pipe (it has a local name which I can't remember) to help out on the farm. Noel was the youngest son of John and Mary Ann Helliwell. Two of his older brothers were farming, but Noel was probably conscripted in 1916.


Noel is 3rd from the right










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