Joseph Cyril Marshall


Joseph Cyril Marshall, was born in 1894 in Normanton, West Yorkshire. He served as a Gunner with the Royal Field Artillery, regimental no - 99778, he joined up in September 1914 and was wounded by a shell in 1917. He received sharpnel wounds to his legs and was admitted to no.32 stationary hospital in Wimereux where he became dangerously ill, gangrene set in and this resulted in his left leg being amputated above the knee. Once he had stabilised he was sent back to England and was admitted to Wharncliffe War Hospital in Sheffield on the 21/10/17, he moved from there to Leeds War Hospital where his notes read - "Stump is not quite healed. Flap is hard and tense. 26/6/18 Excis scar and scraped l. tibia. Pending admission to special fitting hospital." He then went back to Wharncliffe where he was finally discharged on 19/12/18. Before the war he had been a coal miner, upon his discharge from the army he received a pension of 16/6 per week for life.


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