George Prowse


George Prowse - VC and DCM. Royal Naval Division.
Admitted to Wharncliffe with a gun shot wound to left shoulder on 4/5/17.

Awarded the Victoria Cross - "For most conspicuous bravery & devotion to duty when, during an advance, a portion of his coy. became disorganised by heavy M.G. fire from an enemy strong point. Collecting what men were available he led them with great coolness and bravery against this strong point, capturing it together with 23 prisoners and 5 machine guns. Later, he took a patrol forward in face of much enemy opposition, and established it on important high ground.

On another occasion he displayed great heroism by attacking single-handed ammunition limber which was trying to recover ammunition, killing 3 men who accompanied it and capturing the limber.

Two days later he rendered valuable services when covering the advance of his coy. with a Lewis-gun section, and located later on 2 machine gun positions in a concrete emplacement, which were holding up the advance of the Bn. on the right. With complete disregard of personal danger he rushed forward with a small party and attacked and captured these posts, killing six enemy
and taking 13 prisoners and 2 machine guns. He was the only survivor of this gallant party, but by this daring and heroic action he enabled the Bn. on the right to push forward without further M.G. fire from the village. Throughout the whole operations his magnificent example & leadership were an inspiration to all, and his courage was superb. - Lon. Gazette 30.10.18 P12802
(also Routine Ord.4552, 29.11.18)

Awarded DCM. for-"On 21st.Aug. 1918, at Logeast Wood, he led his men with great gallantry against a machine gun that was holding up the advance of the flank of his Co., & in spite of difficulties of heavy mist he captured it, disposing of the crew. On a subsequent occasion he held a position against repeated counter attacks which were supported by an intense bombardment for twenty-four hours. His courage, leadership, & cheerful disposition had an invaluable effect on his men." Lon.Gazette 16.1.19 P.841








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