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Service Number
Addy  T E   Died  Cpl 22050 Royal Army Medical Corps  
Akers  W    Died  Pte 2086 South Lancashire Regt  
Ambrose  E    Died  Pte  G/2544 Royal Fusiliers  
Anderson  J A   Died  Dvr 30821 Royal Field Atrillery  
Andrews  H      Cpl   Royal Fusiliers  
Andrews  J T   Died  Pte   Bedfordshire Regt  
Appleby  R H   Died  Dvr  M/271674 Royal Army Service Corps  
Armstrong  W    Died  Pte 53344 Royal Fusiliers  
Ashton  E    Died  Pte 107083 Royal Army Medical Corps  
Ashton  G W   Died  Pte 405319 Labour Corps  
Ayres Robrt John  Died  Rfn  A/2810 Kings Royal Rifle Corps  
Balneaves James Croll  Died  Pte 18170 Gordon Highlanders  
Barton  W S   Died  Pte 3173 Leicestershire Regt  
Bates  J    Died  Pte 235802 York & Lancaster Regt  
Bathgate  V    Died  Pte 41370 Royal Scots Fusiliers  
Batty  A    Died  Pte 20585 Labour Corps  
Bellward  V J J     Died  Sergt 14503 Suffolk Regiment Updated 04/05/12
Benson  F    Died  Pte 6467 East Yorkshire Regt  
Birch  T    Died  Pte  21/209 West Yorkshire Regt  
Bishop  J H   Died  Pte 42769 Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers  
Blakelock  J    Died  Pte 13615 Yorkshire Regiment  
Booth  O    Died  Pte 91486 Royal Army Medical Corps  
Bowen  B    Died  Cpl 26352 Northumberland Fusiliers  
Bromley  E T   Died  Pte 126943 Machine Gun Corps  
Brown  J    Died  L/Cpl   Gordon Highlanders  
Brown  J    Died  Pte  S/10329 Gordon Highlanders  
Bucke  C    Died  Pte 12280 South Staffordshire Regt  
Bucknole  F    Died  Sergt  DEAL / 8947 (S) Royal Marines  
Burr  W R   Died  Pte 790636 Canadian Regiment  
Burrows  G    Died  Cpl  166843 ? Royal Garrison Artillery  
Bush  G I   Died  Spr  504511 ? Royal Engineers G J  BUSH on CWGC ?
Butler  A    Died  L/Sgt 19357 Bedfordshire Regt  
Butler  B    Died  Pte 200771 West Yorkshire Regt  
Butler Trevor Patrick Grey  Died  Pte 510 Royal Fusiliers  
Butterfield  H    Died  Pte 206623 Royal Army Medical Corps  
Butterfield  R    Died  Pte 32798 York & Lancaster Regt  
Butterworth  W J   Died  Pte 20405 Royal Lancaster Regiment  
Byrne  F    Died  Pte   Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers  
Cameron  J    Died  Cpl  R/15457 Kings Royal Rifle Corps  
Carter  W    Died  Pens'r  41698 0R 33606 ? Royal Lancaster Regiment  
Cawley  W G   Died  Pte 63680 Devonshire Regt  
Clarke  G R   Died  Cpl   Royal Army Medical Corps  
Coleman  J    Died  Pte 3808 Royal Warwickshire Regt  
Collar  E    Died  Pte 6127 East Surrey Regt  
Collins  R    Died  Sergt   Royal Engineers  
Colvin  C    Died  Pte  S/15985 Gordon Highlanders  
Cornell  C    Died  Pte 8112 East Yorkshire Regt  
Cotterill  F    Died  Pte  G/709 Royal Sussex Regt  
Cowgill  E    Died  Pte 57423 Royal Fusiliers  
Cox  H    Died  Sergt 5207 Rifle Brigade  
Creswick  S M   Died  Pens'r 38383 Duke Of Cornwalls L  
Critchley  J    Died  Pte 241027 South Lancashire Regt  
Cunningham  J    Died  Pte   Kings Own Scottish Bord  
Curran  W    Died  Pte  S/8034 Royal Fusiliers  
Davidson  J    Died  Pte 145140 Canadian Regiment  
Davis  A    Died  Pens'r   West Yorkshire Regt  
Davis  J E   Died  Rfn  R/33165 Kings Royal Rifle Corps  
Davis  W    Died  Cpl   Royal Army Service Corps  
Daykin  H W   Died  Cpl 241044 West Yorkshire Regt  
Dean  A    Died  Rfn  R/1478 Kings Royal Rifle Corps  
Dent  C    Died  Pte   Labour Corps  
Dines  W F   Died  Rfn  B/2600 Rifle Brigade  
Dowling  A E H  Died  Pte 235567 East Lancashire Regt  
Duesbury  J T   Died  L/Cpl 17901 Royal Berkshire Regt  
Dutton  T E   Died  Pte   Royal Warwickshire Regt  
Eaton  E    Died  Pte 29781 Bedfordshire Regt  
Edge  L    Died  S/S  L/9936 Royal Field Atrillery  
Edwards  T R   Died  Pte 4407 Hon Artillery Company  
Elwell  L V   Died  L/Cpl 427970 Royal Engineers  
Flett  G    Died  Pte 117248 Canadian Mounted Rifles  
Foster  J    Died  Cpl 13966 East Yorkshire Regt  
Foster  T    Died  L/Cpl 5942 Royal Army Ordnance Corps  
Freeman  A    Died  Pte 2254 Leicestershire Regt  
Furmidge  J W   Died  Pte 235139 Yorkshire Regiment  
Galloway  G D   Died  Pte 12256 East Yorkshire Regt  
Garforth  J R   Died  A/Cpl   Royal Army Medical Corps  
Garnham  G H   Died  Pens'r 26512 Royal Field Atrillery  
Gavins  J    Died  Pens'r 23690 Durham Light Infantry  
Gibbons  W A   Died  3/AM 160891 Royal Air Force  
Gibney  S    Died  Pte 18434 Liverpool Regiment  
Gillam  J R   Died  Dvr  MS/3981 Royal Army Service Corps  
Gillespie  W    Died  Pte 29892 Highland Light Infantry  
Ginks  S    Died  Pte  G/87305 Middlesex Regiment  
Goodwin  W    Died  Pte 31240 York & Lancaster Regt  
Gowland  W    Died  Pte 37844 Royal Army Medical Corps  
Gray  P    Died  Pte 4899 Royal Fusiliers  
Green  J H   Died  Pte   Durham Light Infantry  
Griffin  S C   Died  L/Cpl 4170 Australian Imperial Forces  
Griffiths  L J   Died  Pte 20935 Shropshire Light Infantry  
Griffiths  R    Died  RSM   Royal Welsh Fusiliers  
Griggs  E J   Died  Pte 51988 Machine Gun Corps  
Harding  J    Died  Pens'r   Royal Field Atrillery  
Harrison  W    Died  Gnr 771211 Royal Field Atrillery  
Hayes  A    Died  Cpl  L/13373 Royal Field Atrillery  
Helliwell  E    Died  Pens'r   Royal Marine Engineers  
Hides  G F   Died  Pte 154066 Royal Army Medical Corps  
Hill  B A   Died  Pte 6053 Middlesex Regiment  
Hill  J    Died  Pte 20715 South Lancashire Regt  
Hilton  H B   Died  Sgt 6444 Kings Royal Rifle Corps  
Himsworth  H    Died  Sergt 200881 York & Lancaster Regt  
Hitchen  R    Died  Pte 18300 East Surrey Regt  
Holsey  H A   Died  Pte 40777 Cheshire Regiment  
Hughes  R    Died  Pte   Royal Army Medical Corps  
Incley  G H   Died  Pte 24954 Yorkshire Light Infantry  
Ingham  J W   Died  Pte 887527 Canadian Regiment  
Irvine  J    Died  Pte  S/43376 Gordon Highlanders  
Johnson  W    Died  Gnr   Royal Garrison Artillery  
Jones  J    Died  Pte 95605 Durham Light Infantry  
Kelly  J    Died  Pens'r 64444 Northumberland Fusiliers  
Kemp John Kemlo  Died  Pte  43765 ? Machine Gun Corps  
Lee  J    Died  Pte   Suffolk Regiment  
Lester  S C   Died  Dvr 70525 Machine Gun Corps  
Lewin  A    Died  Dvr 59790 Royal Field Atrillery  
Linnitt  E V   Died  L/Cpl 13087 Northamptonshire Regt  
Lomax  G    Died  Pte 809132 Canadian Regiment  
Lupton  S    Died  Pte 1380 West Yorkshire Regt  
Lynch  F    Died  CSM  3/9495 West Yorkshire Regt  
Lyth  J    Died  Pte 47672 Welsh Regt  
Magson  W    Died  Sig  R/41332 London Regiment  
Mangan  M    Died  Cpl 410098 Royal Army Medical Corps  
Marsh  R    Died  Spr 504665 Canadian Engineers  
Marshall  G    Died  Cpl 9403 Northumberland Fusiliers  
Marshall  W R   Died  Pte   Labour Corps  
Martin  A O   Died LAC   Royal Air Force  
Martin  F    Died  Pte 6613 Leicestershire Regt  
Matthews  A    Died  Pte 9997 4Th Hussars  
McPhee  D    Died  Pte  3/5049 Cameron Highlanders  
Milligan  John  Died  Pte  65947 Royal Flying Corps  
Montgomery  W    Died  L/Cpl 534 Royal Irish Rifles  
Morgan  W    Died  Pte   Oxford & Bucks L  
Morton  E    Died  Pens'r   Labour Corps  
Mulligan  J    Died  2/AM 65947 Royal Air Force MILLIGAN on CWGC
Murray  A    Died  L/Cpl   Royal Scots  
Murrell  W L   Died  Pte 14893 Duke Of Cornwalls L  
Nugent  P    Died  Pte 357456 Liverpool Regiment  
Oates  D    Died  Pte 285025 Monmouthshire Regt  
Oates  D    Died  Pte   Lancashire Fusiliers  
O'Brien  J H   Died  QMS   Royal Engineers  
O'Donoghue  J    Died  Pte 26619 Dublin Fusiliers  
Oldfield  T J   Died  Pens'r   West Yorkshire Regt  
Ormandy  J    Died  Pte 241759 Lancashire Fusiliers  
Osborne  H    Died  CSM 60231 West Riding Regt  
Parker  F W   Died  Dvr 209624 Royal Field Atrillery  
Payton  H    Died  Pte 18625 Royal Army Veterinary Corps  
Pearson  T H   Died  Cpl 19561 Liverpool Regiment  
Peck  T R   Died  Pens'r 203579 York & Lancaster Regt  
Pithers  J    Died  Pte 20027 Labour Corps  
Pollard  J H   Died  Pte 33982 Gloucestershire Regt  
Porteous  A    Died  L/Cpl 9993 Royal Scots Fusiliers  
Pragnell  F C   Died  L/Sgt 12989 Hampshire Regiment  
Price  T    Died  Pte 12192 Yorkshire Regiment  
Proctor  W N   Died  Rfn  C/12974 Kings Royal Rifle Corps  
Punter  H M   Died  Cpl 18872 Welsh Regt  
Redwood  W B   Died  Pens'r 331761 Durham Light Infantry  
Rice  A    Died  Pte   Royal Army Medical Corps  
Richards  E J   Died  Pte  PP/103479 Royal Fusiliers  
Roberts  A    Died  Pte 12294 Shropshire Light Infantry  
Roberts  J    Died  Dvr   Royal Field Atrillery  
Robertson  W    Died  Pte 3657 Gordon Highlanders  
Robinson  W G   Died  Pte 37411 Royal Berkshire Regt  
Rogers  C C   Died  Dvr  M2/020762 Royal Army Service Corps  
Rustige  G    Died  Pte 31489 South Lancashire Regt  
Savage  A    Died  Pens'r  WR/507103 ? Royal Engineers  
Scaife  W    Died  Pte 65378 Labour Corps  
Searles  J W   Died  Pens'r 38992 York & Lancaster Regt  
Seefus  J F   Died  Pte 24403 Royal Welsh Fusiliers  
Shannon  W    Died  Cpl 48455 Royal Engineers  
Sharp  W    Died  Spr   Royal Engineers  
Shipman  A    Died  L/Cpl 23149 Notts & Derby Regt  
Sidney  E    Died  L/Bdr 750999 Royal Field Atrillery  
Small  E F   Died  Spr 546616 Royal Engineers  
Smith  A A   Died  Pte   London Regiment  
Smith  F J   Died  A/Cpl 37109 Royal Air Force  
Smith  I    Died  Pens'r   York & Lancaster Regt  
Smith  P S D  Died  Pte 41495 Lincolnshire Regiment  
Snell  C W   Died  Gnr 251197 Royal Field Atrillery  
Soames  T    Died  Pte  16/1049 West Yorkshire Regt  
Soul  F W   Died  Pte 2663 London Regiment  
Speeks  F    Died  Pte  G/40142 Labour Corps  
Spruce  H    Died  Sergt 15335 North Staffordshire Regt  
Stannett  B    Died  Pte 19176 Royal Berkshire Regt  
Storey  J B   Died  L/Cpl 13922 Yorkshire Regiment  
Sullivan  W C   Died  Pte 65949 Canadian Regiment  
Swinbank  J    Died  Pte 14569 Durham Light Infantry  
Taylor  E    Died  Cpl   Labour Corps  
Taylor  F G   Died  Pte   Welsh Regt  
Taylor  G    Died  Spr 775926 Canadian Engineers  
Taylor  J    Died  Dvr   Royal Field Atrillery  
Taylor  L    Died  Pte 42408 Worcestershire Regt  
Taylor  R    Died  Rfn  B/1304 Rifle Brigade  
Terrell  J A A  Died  Pte 203598 London Regiment  
Thomas  F J   Died  Trp'r 285949 Oxfordshire Hussars  
Thompson  W H   Died  Pens'r   Yorkshire Light Infantry  
Thornton  W    Died  Pens'r   Yorkshire Light Infantry  
Tomlin  W    Died  Cond'r   Indian Ordnance Depot  
Topham  R    Died  Pte 220212 Royal Army Medical Corps  
Towell  G P   Died  Pte 235354 Royal Lancaster Regiment  
Turner  J    Died  Pte 7671 South Staffordshire Regt  
Vickers  W    Died  Pens'r   Royal Field Atrillery  
Walker  A    Died  AB   Royal Naval Division  
Walker  G H   Died  Pte 14938 York & Lancaster Regt  
Watson  D    Died  Sergt  S/2931 Royal Highlanders  
Watson  J F   Died  Pte 33344 Durham Light Infantry  
Webb  J J   Died  Sergt 813 West Riding Regt  
Westwood  D B   Died  L/Cpl 28607 Kings Own Scottish Bord  
Whieldon  H    Died  Pte 24096 Royal Lancaster Regiment  
Whitbread  L J   Died  Pte 2439 Australian Imperial Forces  
White  G    Died  Pte   Labour Corps  
Whittaker  F    Died  L/Cpl 2464 North Staffordshire Regt  
Whittaker  F    Died  Pte   West Riding Regt  
Williams  A    Died  Pte   Lancashire Fusiliers  
Williamson  J    Died  Pte   Labour Corps  
Wilson  L    Died  Pte 33820 Border Regiment  
Winder  A    Died  Pte 3731 Lancashire Fusiliers  
Winn  C    Died  L/Sergt 4820 Machine Gun Corps  
Woodhead  A    Died  Pens'r   Royal Field Atrillery  
Wortham  J    Died  Pte 8645 Shropshire Light Infantry  
Young  A    Died  Pte  18/935 West Yorkshire Regt  
Youngs  L    Died  Pte 3375 Suffolk Regiment  








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